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Base Package

Embrace the Future of Retail with ReactAITM's Advanced Solutions

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3 colors available

Base Package

From $6,500 or $499/mo.

Discover the heart of Smart Kiosk and ReactAITM's revolutionary solutions through our Core Package. At its core, this offering presents an array of sophisticated floor-standing kiosks, meticulously crafted in three sizes – 43, 55, and 65 inches – and available in timeless white, sleek black, and refined silver finishes.

These kiosks serve as the physical embodiment of our commitment to seamless customer engagement, acting as dynamic touchpoints for businesses to connect with their audience. Whether you choose the understated elegance of white, the modern allure of black, or the timeless charm of silver, our Core Package provides the foundation for transforming your customer interactions, enhancing your brand presence, and paving the way for a future where technology and customer engagement truly harmonize.


Video Call Support

Instantly connect with knowledgeable staff members through one-touch video calls, enhancing the shopping experience.

Motion Tracking & Engagement

Sophisticated motion detection technology understands and responds to customer behavior, enabling personalized interactions and data-driven insights.

ReactAITM Learning

Our platform continuously learns and adapts using AI algorithms, providing the most relevant and engaging experiences to customers.

Imagine your retail space transformed into a hub of innovation and customer interaction. Our Core Package, which includes cutting-edge floor-standing kiosks, one-click video calling, motion tracking, and ReactAITM capabilities, paints this vision for retailers. The sleek, modern kiosks, available in three sizes and finishes, stand as both a symbol of your commitment to innovation and a practical tool to engage customers like never before.

With video calling, customers can connect instantly with your knowledgeable staff from anywhere within the store, offering personalized assistance and creating a unique shopping experience. Motion tracking not only provides invaluable insights into customer behavior but also allows you to optimize store layouts and product placements. And with ReactAITM, your kiosks evolve, learning from each interaction and continuously improving customer engagement. The profound effect is felt in increased foot traffic, higher sales, and most importantly, delighted customers who keep coming back for more.

Parameter Value
Size Small - 43", Medium - 55", & Large 65"
Color Black, Silver, & White

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